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I have the cam version and the lever to close the jaws is not a problem, and I don't think the screw version would be a problem either because that screw is away from the jaw tips. Even though the size adjustment knob is small, it's positioned near the tip of the jaws, and if you look at A.K. Best's new book "Advanced Fly Tying" he has a chapter on hand position, and there is no way you can get your hand in the proper position with the screw in the way. Now, I don't know anything about hand position because I am a beginner, but that screw gets in my way when I try to place materials, and it catches my thread sometimes. With the knob on the back of the jaws, I think it's just as easy to adjust the hook size with either hand, and if you feel that's awkward, you can always use the rotary function and rotate the vise to adjust the knob. I don't think adjusting for hook size is a big deal however it's done, and I'd rather have an easier time tying.

Anyway, I just want the next person who is considering buying a Traveler to consider the option of buying an opposite hand model, so that when it's orientated for their dominant hand, the knobs will be on the back making the front of the jaws a smooth surface and improving hook access. Maybe when I get more experienced placing material I will be able to work around the screw, but right now for me it's a problem, and I noticed it my very first time tying, so I thought I'd post what my experience was.

You tie down to 28's??!! Wow! I can't imagine that. What size thread do you use? I saw some pros using 14/0 they say is as strong as 6/0, and they were using it on #4 hooks.

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