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BBQ rotisserie(sp) motors


I have been all over this site in my prep for the trip out there and I stumbled across this old thread. Having just tied up a few of my first epoxy head flies (we don't use them too much for steelhead) I was puzzling over turning them to dry. It didn't take long for me to go to my rod curing motor.

My motor is a BBQ rotisserie motor, I mounted it on a block of wood, shaped a square dowl to fit into the motor and inside the rod blank - voila a free drying motor! I have used the same motor for rod building for 20 years. To convert it into an epoxy head dryer all I did was take a short piece of old rod blank and jam a cork ring on it to impale with the hook. It works great and the price is definitely right as you can find them everywhere.
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