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Wow Stone! You had quite the outings this weekend (memorial day )

Luckily our trips went a little smoother. We were going to do a multi day float trip, but a wedding on Sunday blew that idea. So Saturday we headed to the Arkansas river between Buena Vista and Leadville. Got to the river at 6 and had real good action on #18 elk hair caddis. My wife and I caught 2 Browns and 4 rainbows with more hook ups just couldn't land em. No real size; all 12 to 14 range. By 8 there were so many kayakers that the fishing in that area was done. So moved up stream (north of Granite) and a caddis hatch was in full swing. Once we matched the hatch, caught fish consistently till 10:30, all rainbows in the 12-16in range. We lost count. Took a break and did some dog training. Went a few miles further up stream and found another hatch that started about 2. Got schooled by my wife here. She landed 4 nice fish one rainbow that was 22in. I landed 2 12in rainbows. Hatch died off so we headed home.

Monday we decided for a change and headed to Antero Reservoir for a day of boating with a motor. Didn't get to the res till 10 in the morning, but it didn't seem to matter. It was a day of lakers. Started out with drys, getting the risers but wind put an end to that. Strippin streamers was the key! Caught 20 lakers and 2 rainbows. My wife got her biggest laker this weekend. It was fun coming back to the ramp and having all the folks with spinners and downriggers be jealous cause they had watched us pulling em in all afternoon. Couldn't have asked for a better weekend other than for it not to end.
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