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Old 05-28-2002, 11:33 AM
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I tried what you said John, but as I progressed on it became a bigger and bigger mess. So now I just leave it at that, and befuddle thru it all.

I have this old desk that I use for a tying table. It has a few shelves and I added a few more compartments to store stuff. And no matter how hard that I try it still has a sense to stay cluttered. So I just leave it as it is. It seems to work better that way.

I'm like a few of these people in that I only tie a few flies at a time. But it seems like that any more that I have to be in the mood or else I can't tie any.

So I think that I will go exploring as our river fishing opens up in three more days. I have enough to get started on so I won't be left out. Jim S.
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