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Labor Day Weekend Fishing...

I had plans to start the weekend off with a friend of mine and head over to Willards Pond again, this time with his canoe. I have already had one that got away here, so I knew they were biting near the shore and was very eager to get out to the more popular spots out on the pond.

Well, my buddies wife got a flat, and for some strange reason she had no idea what to do to replace it (she DID have a spare) anyway, my buddy backs out on me to go rescue his wife... I went home, grabbed my waders and headed out to the pond anyway.

When I got there, there was a whole lot of chop on the pond and the wind was a royal PITA! With clouds hanging dark and heavy overhead, I knew if I didn't start casting here, I wouldn't have any time to get to a hole that was better protected by the wind, so I stuck it out. I grabbed my Hare's Ear Emerger and tossed it to the same rock formation I previously lost a fish on a Yellow Hornberg... Didn't get a nibble at all for about an hour and it was hard casting in that wind. When I was about to give up in frustration, the wind died down and that smell of rain filled the air. I didn't see any lightning, so I figured I would just take advantage of the calm.

I placed the fly just where I wanted it in between two boulders, let it sink down the length of the leader. By the time I started to retreive the fly, it had started raining. It was a light raindrops but a lot of them and broke up the waters surface again. About the 2nd or 3rd retreival I got a big hit, and the fish ran away from his hole in the rocks, I had my drag on real light because of the 6x tippet I was using, so it took a while to get him in. When I did, I saw the heavy, but short 8-9" Small Mouth. Not what I was going for, (hell, I didn't even know smallies were in here) but he was a fun ride to get in. After I released him, the rain stopped. And so did the fish-action. Called it a night about an hour later and went home.


Day 2

On Saturday, it was very sunny, hot and even more windy than the night before, and I didn't get out on the water until about 7:30, so the fish had all gone into hiding by the time I got out there.

I looked for some new fishing spots at a pond near Willards, at Willards itself, along a few streams nearby and then gave up to go home to take care of the "honey do" list.

By 3:00 I was back in the car looking for spots. Since I never had fished the CT on this side of the state, I figured it was worth a try.

Found an old dirt road that went down along the river. At the first turnoff I found, I parked and tossed in a nymph. Not a thing, too many speed boats going by and too much sun to get any fish out of their hiding spots.

I went down the road further until it ended. I found a wi,derness sanctuary which was posted for fishing/hiking ect. and figured I would give it a try.

Well... I think I went up the hiking trail on accident because I kept going up and up and up all the time waiting for it to go back down to a beach or something... nope..

In front of me I heard running water, so I didn't turn back, knowing if I could get down to where the water fall went into the CT, I may actually find some fish feeding on the food it brought down to them. Well, I just about killed myself scaling down to the river from up there in my felt soled waders, and came close to breaking my rod about five times. Knowing I was nuts, when I looked up at what I would have to do to get back to the path, I figured I would get down in the river and wade to this phantom beach I was looking for.

Waded in and didn't see anything. When I sarted to go down stream casting away, I didn't get a bite, nor did I see any beach or clearing. OK, now I was in trouble. Down here with only a pair of waders and about a 60% grade cliff to climb to get up to the path. ARGH!

So I start my Hike up... almost ripping my waders, losing my hat, snapping my rod... and constantly getting my net snagged on a tree or branch or rock or something...

By the time I get out of there, I was so tired I had no interest in doing anything but take a nap. Well, I rest int he car for a while and then head back home. On the way there, I realize I still had not caught a fish and was determined to do so.

I went by a little fishing hole near the Keene Airport where a few kids were drowning worms instead of each other, so I figured I would take advantage of the time and cast a few. Got out the Hornberg and was sight casting to three hungry fish, looked to be either crappies or perch, never got close enough for a good look. When they came in after the fly for the third time, a kid decided to do a cannonball in the same general area as me and, well, spooked the fish away. Nodded my hat to thank him and moved on to a spot closer to my house.

I got up to Swanzey lake at the boat launch (secluded little spot that is shaded by the trees and no wind, also because of the trees)

Ahh, a nice easy place to set up. I tied on my Rascal to see if it would work. Saw a very slow hatch of a white mayfly and knew this would be a good time to try it.

Well, that sucker doesn't need ANY flotant to stay on the water. The dog hair floats all day.

Some bait casters came in when I was set up (two families with kids) They caught a few Horned Pout, a pickeral, and some perch, and they caught my fly line once... DOH!

I eventually caught my little perch that I misstook for a trout rising. (didnt realize they went for top feeding) so I called it a day and went home.
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