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learning to tie

I just bought a vise, and I am learning to tie by reading A.K. Best's "Production Fly Tying" and Randall Kaufmann's "Tying Dry Flies". I think two other good books are Skip Morris' "Fly Tying Made Clear and Simple" and Dave Hughes' "Essential Trout Flies", and I would have bought one of those books if I was interested in nymphs and streamers too.

I think "Production Fly Tying" is a great book for beginners because Best explains the why's for his breaking of the traditional rules, and he is meticulous about his instructions on how to tie certain materials giving the exact locations for tying them on, and the pictures of his fly tying set up are amazing...his vise is a true thing of beauty. Unfortunately, I don't think he would be very proud of me: I am only able to tie about one fly per hour at this point, but even so, I have gotten my costs down to about $50 per fly--sheesh materials are expensive!!

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