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Thanks, I wish I was competent at tying tube flies where I could use the shorter strong shank hooks which I agree is a better option than the longer shank hooks. Looks like learning to tie tubes should be the next priority on my FF list along with learning to spey cast better. Need to figure out what line to use with the 7/8 weight St. Croix 13 footer with 9/10 weight sink tips. Too many spey lines to choice from and when you are stranded in the mid west without dealers with spey rods, many spey anglers, or spey claves to test multipe set ups it becomes a crap shoot to choice an expensive spey line. I now have an old 9/10 weight WF scientific anglers sink tip on it with a deep water express head I made up years ago.

Its kind of sloppy on the cast but rolls casts ago. Remember we have smaller width rivers here widest being 60-70 yards most are 20-40 yards I would say. Look at the picture of the Muskegon I posted up in the forumn from my trip last month, thats about the widest river we have here.

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