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The 7999's are serious hooks - you will not have issues with straightening them on fish. The only problem I've ever had is with Alec Jackson Spey hooks in larger sizes, IMO they are so "springy" that they will open up under heavy loads - then spring back - but minus the fish.

My personal favourite hook (before I switched to tube-flies) is the Partridge Bartleet Supreme, it is a heavy wire hook that has just enough of a sweep to its styling that it wears elegant patterns very well.

One of the problems that standard hooks present - especially in larger sizes is the length of the shanks gives a struggling fish a great deal of leverage. This, I believe results in alot of lost fish. My traditional hook-up to landing ratio was approx 50% on a year in year out basis. In the 2 seasons since Dana and I converted to tube flies (and the short shank wide gap hooks like Tiemco 105's or Partridge Nordic Single Spey) our combined landing ratio is now up to 75%. It has only been 2 seasons - but the early stats are good enough for me to say that I will not fish traditional hooks again. The one possible exception might be for small low water patterns - even then I'm not sure.
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