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Cpt. Todd Murphy!!!

You are truly a gentleman and scholar of your profession/passion!!!! For those of you unable to attend the clave, I can only begin to explain my few hours spent on Cpt. Todd Murphy's flats boat Sat. evening. Thanx of course, due to who other than Mr. Juro M.
My buddy, Jeff Knott, and myself headed out on a picture perfect setting mid-afternoon. Starting between the islands of North M. and South Beach heading all the way down and around South M. island. Had it not been for numerous sun-bathing seals on South M., we never would have experienced Blue Fish blitz mania 2001.
Rounding South M., and hitting the grassy flats we were instantly greeted by hungry schools of blue fish. Adrenaline pumping, Todd recommended his go-too flies and off to the races we began. Within minutes, three flies were chewed off and luckily two brought to the boat for a quick picture taking. Man, what a fight!!!!! And this was on the lower end of size (4-6lbs). Of course, once we were suited up with wire, a strong NE wind started. Unfortunately, to end or spectacular afternoon!!!!!
For those of you looking to get into some big fish, with a tremendous guide by your side (offering: advice, humor, snacks , not to mention knowledge base), give Todd a buzz. You clearly will not be dissapointed!!!
<Pictures and futher updates to follow!!!!!>
*Sorry, my photo lab is clearly not as efficient as Chief
J.'s lab*
Brian Z.
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