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Sure... Since it is All Angel Hair except for some long pearl saltwater flashabou which you can see has a nice curl to it.. I tye rainbow and greenish angel hair... I layer some of it to make a bit long and tie in at the bend of the hook, then more angel hair is tyed by bunching in front of that clump...picked out with a bondkin (will look like Larry Howard head) and then I take a hair brush and brush back creating the shape.. trim with scissors the ends that stick out. Then I take Pearl Angel hair and tie in by bunching again... by that I mean.. take the angel hair and rip it into several pieces , clump together and and just tie it on so it goes naturaly 360 around the shank.. secure in front and add more..just as you would to spinning dear hair... pick out... brush back and that's the mantel.. trim as you want.. make a long mantel or short mantel... then I add eyes... I use red big glass eyes.. epoxied in to make it really secure on the back of the shank. Brush the whole thing and continue trimming as you want.. When you put this in the water and move it like a strip it takes the form of a fleeing squid.... stop the strip, and the mantal moves forward revealing the eyes and tenacles start to splay. You will have to see it in the water to really appreciate the action this fly has. I think it will be a killer in deep rips where there is alot of water movement and some depth. Hope this helps. Also.. try all white or pink .
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