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Only 6 in 4 days? You must be planning to sleep or somethin'

IN no particular order:

a) Outer beaches (Nauset, etc) dawn or dusk with the tide pulling away from high. You just have to include it, surf and big fish, the scents and sounds, etc.

b) Brewster Flats 2 hours before the low to 1 hour into the flood (more if you have a yak). Follow the channels as the water vacates the flats, keep an eye on the high spots. Go all the way out to the trench, you will know when you get there. Fish back as the flood starts, casting off the east edge of the main flat looking for tailers and cruisers when the water re-enters. Don't get trapped out there!

c) Chatham Light, dawn. It's a short hit and miss thing but there is something about the spot that really stands out. Maybe it's the chance that on any given day you will hook a cow. Parking tickets start at 9:30am.

d) South Beach via Rip Ryder. Fish high, fish low, fish inside, fish outside, fish the drop, fish the flood - it's all good!

e) South Cape Beach, Wacky. Plenty of free parking, and one of the best rips is just as you step onto the beach and to the left. Work down to the right a mile or two and fish the infamous Wacky east jetty. Things can get really crazy there and they usually do!

f) Pleasant Bay, Minister's Pt. This area just plain gets a lot of fish this time of year. I like the early ebb tide in the obvious spots and the late ebb tide in the not so obvious.

Go for it! and good luck.
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