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Stone's Cookbook

Late night standard: Fried Hornpout -

Mix 50/50 flour and breadcrums (italian seasoning)
Shake together in a ziploc bag.
Fry 'till crisp in veggie oil.
Yum! not healthy, but ... YUM!

Cracked Peppercorn Trout (also GREAT on salmon, but I don't get any of those I take home) :

Take whole black pepercorns, smash with hammer or some other blunt object.
Press each side of filet's firmly in pepercorns.
Cook on open fire grill.

Serve over rice & veggies! OMG, what a treat!

Usually catch and release, but those are two standards for the few you just have to take home!
Tight lines and sturdy knots,
"Tying flies to catch fish and fisherman alike!"
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