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fishing report -- rocky ford

About a week ago I headed out to rocky ford with a good friend of mine I run a washington fly fishing site with. It is a spring creek and is basically all sight fishing to very large rainbows. It is not uncommon to see fish pushing 30 inches and my partner did take a 29 incher during the trip.

Here is one of my fish. It was around 24 inches which is nothing to brag about at this place but it was very heavy. Would have taken three of my hands to fit around its belly. The pic does not really do it justice. It was taken on a size 18 olive scud in about 2 feet of water.

Had a great time and there is nothing quite like sight casting to such large fish in the desert. I will take watching a fish track and engulf your nymph over dry fly fishing any day. A very exciting way to fish.

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