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Stone's "The Rascal"

Note: this fly has been so named because, well, the unique material on it came from my dog, Rascal. The Husky fur repels water like you wouldn't believe!
I was inspired to use it by a web article I read about a guy using his dog (mut) to tie Wooly Buggers, and he coplained how much weight he needed to add because of the boyancy of the fly. I have needed to get a white mayfly imitation into my box pretty bad(9 out of 10 bugs I see on the water are mostly white) and this seemed like the best chance to combine the two.

Hook: Mustad Dry R30 or 94840
Thread: White 8/0 Unithread
Tail: Deer Hair
Body/Thorax: White dog hair - Husky spring shed.
Wings: White Goose Feather
Hackle: Black & White Grizzly Saddle Hackle

Tie on and dub in the hair down the shank, securing on a small, sparse tail at the same time.

Lightly dub a second layer over 1/2 the shank.

(for flies size 12 and larger) Tie in hackle and secure small amount of hackle near center.

Tie in wings in any direction that matches what you need.

Tie in hackle in front of wings to just before eye and whip finish.

As you can see, two hackles should be used for larger flies, but smaller flies should only have the front hackle on them.

Got a lot of bites on it, but only caught a perch on it so far.. need to try a better trout area to see if it will work as it is intended.

This fly does not need ANY flotant. I couldn't sink even the smallest one when I was trying to, the dog hair is a GREAT dry fly material!
Tight lines and sturdy knots,
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