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Way to Hang in There!!

OUCH!! Glad somebody toughed out the last day of the season. I didn't even fish - decided that the trip with Tyler on the Skagit/Sauk last week was to be my last.

I just got an email from Nate and Dylan (the guys on the other side at Jack Daniels that you watched hook the fish). Nate was the one who lost the hot fish, but he got one in BI at the end of the day - a 12-14lb chromer hen pumped full of eggs that jumped 4-5 times. His buddy Dylan also caught one on the upper island, and an 11-12lb chrome hatchery fish in the tailout of Jack Daniels.

So Congrats are definitely in order to those who braved the last weekend - you definitely earned your Silvery Rewards!

OK, Juro - so what's the prize for the first Summer Fish??? <G>
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