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JD there was a spill, here are some details from a TV source.

"Clean up at Nose Creek- Sunday, May 12

“It appears some of the product that had settled in sub surface made its way to top of the water and making its way to the Bow river,” says Don Wilson, a hazardous waste officer. “We don’t want ever to see something get into the Bow River.”

Crews are taking no chances with this clean up effort. They're even putting booms in irrigation canals near Chestermere Lake. The job began Saturday when crews responded to an oil spill where more than 750 litres of used oil leaked from a tank onto the roadway. The oil ended up in the storm sewer system and ultimately made its way to nearby Nose creek."

JD, I have not heard any more since Sunday. The concern is that the insect hatches would be affected.... The creek is right here in town and would affect the most productive section of the fishery, downstream for 25+miles.
But the Bow is a big river so we hope things will be OK. My concern is that run off has yet to come but Nose Creek is not a major trib of the bow, so that's a bit of a comfort.
Pete AKA Frenchcreek from Calgary
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