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The right way to end the season

Well I thought I would post my last hurrah. I was supposed to have 5 days of fishing last week but a combination of work, family illness, and lack of good fishing kept me in my office. I decided that Sunday I need to get out for a couple of hours so I threw my stuff into the new rig and headed for the Sky after church. I go down to Hansen, a boat. I go to reformitory a boat. Buck Island a boat. Lower Island (that is what I call it just up river from lewis street bridge) two guys. I am heading out of Monroe thinking about turning around and heading home but I just said I will look at IRS the water is in sweet shape.

I get to IRS and no one in it and no Boat up at Island to float in front of me, so I decide to give it a shot. The water was in perfect shape. It was clear so I decided to snip off the orange GP I had tied on for a Bunny Rat that I had tied two days before. Well about half to two thirds the way down the run. Pull Pull Rod bends. It was pretty close to on the hang down just in the soft water on the inside so I didn't think it would stick that long. But the hook held. It made one OK run then just wanted to fight it out in the slow water and shake it's head a lot. About 10 minutes later a 30-31 inch wild buck was being released back in to go make more of it's kind. It was truely a beautiful fish(not that I have caught to many ugly steelhead ) Silver sides, Pink on it's cheaks, olive back, big stops and strong it took a lot to get it off the bottom.

It was the perfect way to end the season. I wish I could say that I snipped the fly and called it a season like I promised myself I would if I got one but I finished working the run with the Black Bunny rat and had one more pull and then went through with an orange GP and nothing there.

Two guys floated in and fished the Backside of IRS (Jack Daniels is I guess what it is called) and one of them hooked a hot fish but lost it pretty quick.

Like I said it was a great way to end the season. 3 fish hooked one landed (two if you count the jack I got in the Sultan). Beautiful day, water was perfect, got to finally land a fish on my 9140 and new Hardy reel (beautiful sound, why would people want a silent reel?). I walked back to the car and was decided to call it a day even though I only fished for two hours and it was only 4.

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