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Green River

Hey All...
My co-worker linked me to this forum today and I just had to join... Pleasure to be here...

I too just returned from an extended trip from the Green on Sunday. We went big this year and did a four day and three night trip with 7 guys and three boats. Had an awesome time. But I'll tell ya, this is the 4th time I've been there and eventhough there are tens of thousands of fish, it is tough to catch a lot of them. I've decided to call it the "The Yellowstone of Trout Fishing." Fish everywhere, but not a lot of tight lines. They are almost tame from the constant pressure.

On the first day halfway down the A section, we stopped for lunch and have a little regroup. While eating our fatty sammy's, and I swear, a couple trout were watching us on the rocks. And when I say watching, I mean waiting for some scraps of bread to fall in the water. Like a couple of dogs at dinner... I couldn't believe it. Sure enough a little crust fell in, and sure enough they instantlly pounded on it. Now, I haven't caught a fish all day, and now I'm watching these two 16''er's looking at us for some food...
So much for the fly's....

We ended up finally getting into some fish the first day with some super small barr's emergers. And a couple with some streamers. Otherwise it wasn't until the next day after camping at Grasshopper II in the B section that I got into a lot of fish...
I got'em on mostly size 22 RSII's. And this was on 10th. Was cloudy, cool, a bit rainy. We waded all day and most of us caught fish.

As a word of warning to any of you who are thinking of doing the 'C' Section, I'd recommend against it, unless there was a serious hatch going on. We went from seeing thousands of fish to only seeing a lot of whitie's and catching only a couple trout between us. A and B are the best by far...

So that's about it... I post more now I'm dialed in..
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