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Blue Winged Olives(Baetis) were everywhere. In one spot though I noticed some lighter colored flies on the water, and when that trout sipped the PMD, the fly floated into the rock with three similarly colored naturals with mine being slightly larger. At that point, I was trying almost every mayfly I had, and I wasn't too concerned with showing them something different. There is so much insect activity there that a hatch seemed to be going on all day long and it always got heavier in the afternoon. The water is crystal clear, but if you lean down and examine the surface of the water, there are flies and fly parts all over the surface.

Your friend is right: I used mostly size 22 and 24 flies. I caught two fish on a no hackle, quill wing fly and two on sparkle duns which are both styles that allow the fly to sit lower in the surface film. The local shop recommended RS2's and a parachute adams with a pink post, but I had no luck with them. The nymphers that were wading and drift boating were catching a lot of fish, so if you like to do that, then you'll catch more fish.

I heard some people were catching an occassional fish with cicadas, so I bought a cicada fly, and I tried it at the start of day 3, but I had no luck. I didn't really like the fact that the cicada was all foam--for some reason it didn't appeal to my sensibilities.


Sorry, I had a camera, but I couldn't force myself to bring it along on my daily adventures, so I didn't get any pictures. I'm going to have to get one of those small digital cameras.


Thanks for the tips on landing fish. Has anyone tried the Ketchum Release device for releasing fish?

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