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I for one hate nets. I have landed many large trout without needing one and the times I have tried to use one it seems like more of a pain to the fish that using forceps and my hands.

I will usually leave about 12-15 feet of leader and line out of the rod and pull the rod overhead. This way I can lead the fish into the shallows and with my free hand either grab the fish or if the fly is in the lip just pull the fly free with the forceps. Try to keep the fishes head out of the water when you are doing this and that will usually calm him down enough to give you time to get the fly out.

Anyways the more fish you catch the easier it becomes. Grabbing the leader usually ends up in a lost fish as too much strain gets put directly on the tippet and there is no rod to cushion the thrashing around. Lifting the rod up high and leading the fish in takes care of that least for me.

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