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Hey newbie,
Nice job, what a great time. Bet it was tough to get to sleep at night thinking about all them trout you encountered throughout the day.
Did you ever figure out why you were braking off fish? Do you wet your knots on the 5 and 6x while you are tightening them? If you don't try it, spit on the knot on your tippet as you tighten slowly and that will keep friction from over heating your small tippet materials, help keep it's strength. If done right and you don't have any wind knots that 6x is a lot tougher than you might think.
Don't let the lady bug you, you will get it right in time and if you decide to become a trout bum out west you can get a good net for about 40 bucks.
Thanks for the good fishing story, I'm headed out to Wyoming in a couple of weeks to fish the Big Horn with my daughter so your report got me thinking in that direction.
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