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Nice Fish - and River!

I spent 90% of last year on the brooks and rivers getting skunked, so I am sticking to the trout ponds this year and get my confidence up.

Got a GREAT book for it too... if any of you yokels are interested, or if you are planning a trip over, it is a MUST HAVE for the trout fisherman...

The Atlas of New Hampshire Trout Ponds by Northern Cartographic.
2nd Edition Copyright 1994 ISBN 0-944187-33-1.

Gives general, but accurate directions to about 500-600 ponds and has depth charts for the major bodies of water:
Big Diamond Pond
Big Squam Lake
Little Squam Lake
First, Second and Third Connecticut Lake's
Greenough Pond
Lake Francis
Lake Tarleton
South Pond
Stinson Lake
Bow Lake
Crystal Lake
Dan Hole Pond
Granite Lake
Great East Lake
Lake Sunapee
Lake Winnipesaukee (yes, ALL OF IT! - covers 3 pages!)
Mascoma Lake
Merrymeeting Lake
Newfound Lake
Nubanusit Lake
Opechee Lake
Ossipee Lake
Pleasant Lake
Silver Lake(both the lake in Madison and Harrisville/Nelson)
Swanzey Lake
Waukewan Lake
Winnisquam Lake

Quite a few, eh?
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