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Agree, don't know where all the trout fisherman are, maybe they are just the silent type, etc.. Was one for the first 18 years of FF back east, since moving to the upper mid west the steelhead and salmon FF obsession has taken over. Thats been the last 23 years. Do a little trout fishing now each year but it is mainly all steelhead with some small mouth bass once in a while. When fishing for steelhead there are also lots of trout in these rivers which we catch while fishing for the steelies.

Just hard to switch to trout when you think there may even be a low chance of some steelhead being in the same river you are fishing. They just get into your mind and blood these dam magnificent buggers.

If there were not steelhead available in the rivers and lake michigan river mouths 12 months a year I would be fishing for trout since there is excellent trout fishing in Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin, and Michigan all within a 4-5 hour drive or less of my home in Chicago. Actually there is some great small stream trout fishing 1-2 hours from here.

Keep posting your reports, used to fish some of the NH rivers and ponds when I lived out east. But no expert on those waters by any means.
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