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Actually lots of very good trout fishing here in the Medford, Or

area in 'high' mountain lakes and just below the damn on the upper Rogue. That section is called the "Holy Waters" for a vervy good reason. All C and R, barbless hooks, fly gear only (no spinning rods with a bubble), etc.

Hundreds of trout in the 10-16 inch range with a considerable number running in to several pounds. For me, I find that when the dam release is over 1500 cfs (like now with a HUGE cadis hatch going on) it can be almost too easy. Below this and I'm clue-less on how to get the buggers attention.

If I'm not targeting steelhead, or as now the Spring Kings, in the main river, I always have a 11'3" Redington 6wt in the car. Make for a wonderful 'diversion' ...... when you're getting skunked in the main river.

Fairly steep bank on one side and the other is a huge park with easy wading from shore so very pleasent to fish, Poochie loves it as she can chase the ducks/Geese (and get a well needed bath!) so fun all around place to be.
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