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Ian and I had a great time. Thanks to Todd and all who helped put it together. While Saturday was fishless, it was good to see old friends and meet new folks.
Sunday, we headed for the light to find Keith wasn't running Rip Rider- taking care of the moms in his life no doubt. We went back up to the light and made the trek over the dune to the inside of south beach. Hit a few schoolies just over the berm to shake off the skunk. We worked our way to the rip rider drop off point stopping to fish along the way. We passed Bill Stanton heading back who said he had a tussle with a nice fish and reported several other stories of good fish. We caught up with Adrian and fished for an hour and a half or so, hooking a couple dozen and landing about ten of those ranging from 10" to 24". Ian has caught the fever and can't wait until we return on Memorial Day Weekend to terrorize the fish again.

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