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We are here. Just waiting for the pictures to come back of my 26" 7 pounder I got over the weekend. Not an east coast trout report but I will do my best to keep the washington trout reports coming in.

However 90% of this board are either striper guys and/or steelhead guys. And 99.9% of them are completely focused on those fisheries. Cannot say I blame them either. Big bad fish in the salt and chrome steelies in the river will make one forget about trout real quick. Not a bad thing and we just need more guys like yourself who are trout bums to get the trout board going. My trout season goes from late april to late June and then I switch over to coho in the salt and stay on the beach until the end of September. Hard to keep on the trout when you know a 10 pound + coho is waiting for you just down the street from your house...

I for one am enjoying your reports and hope you keep it up. Will get my report in in the next few days. Will get some fly patterns up as well.

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