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First, I just want to say thank you to all for a great weekend. I had the pleasure of fishing the Cape with a flyrod for the first time and I am still sputtering incoherently to anyone who will listen.

Friday, I fished Ministers Point in the afternoon and had a long range release in the rip just off the stone wall. I still have some work to do on my hooksetting technique. Played windy/low signal cell phone tage with Jeff for a while and finally met up at Nauset Anglers for some gadget shopping. Had dinner at Joe's, good food and nice atmosphere !! We went down to Nauset to scope out some holes to fish that night and marked our turf in the sand. (No not that way!) Ventured back to Ministers and enjoyed shooting stars and no fish. Headed back to Nauset armed with big black herring patterns and dreams of fish only to realize that fishing big surf was only for more experienced anglers that night. (It must have been a sight watching us tip toe the 15 paces out to the lip, we measured earlier in the day, only to run back to shore with the sound of a crashing wave. )

Saturday, woke up from a phone call from Nick. "Hey were are you?" I am in bed but should be fishing so I jumped up and headed down to Chatham Light only to see a few familiar wader clad fisherman entering Monomoy coffee. Took the Rip Ryder over to South Beach and spent the better part of the morning battling wind and surf and wondering why anyone would ever come out here. About 11 a.m. my feelings changed to why would anyone want to leave this wonderful place. As I was walking back to the boat I looked down and saw the biggest fish I had ever seen at my feet. I immeadiately stripped line and made the sorriest tangled mess anyone has ever seen. As I stood there working my way through the the tangles I created I watched pod after pod of fish swim by. I finally regained my compuser, tied on a fresh leader and a Ray's flie (easier to cast than the clousers). I made cast after cast into pods of big fish, ignoring everything I had ever read about leading fish. I finally realized I am not yet a competent enough caster and just layed my flie down 35 feet out and waited for another pod. Another big school came into view. 15 feet out and strip strip bang as I watched the whole thing unfold. I was on to the biggest fish I have ever caught on any tackle. I can only say I could use a few lessons in playing the fish (Roop I may have been the one) because I had no idea what to do with this monster as it headed back to Chatham. I finally managed after a few minutes to get it back close and spent the next few minutes trying to figure out how to grab the leader as it continued to thrash and move about. At last I got hold of the leader took a quick measure against the rod, unhooked and revived the fish. The rod length later measured 36 inches back on the Rip as I told this story to Pete and Nick.

I just realized how long this post got so for those of you who are still reading I will end here only to say I had a great time at Nauset. Many thanks to Todd Murphy.

Awesome weekend,
Hope to see everyone soon,
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