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No photos, just observations + it was great to see some of the old crew & meet a few new faces.

1. The Randy Jones reports re: seeing thousands of bass is on target. While it took me awhile to get it down, I was able to spot the pods coming and pick up a fish or two.

2. Saw the BIGGEST STRIPER I"VE EVER SEEN swimming in 3' of water 20' off the beach, high noon, heading north. Yelled at a buddy to get his cast out to it, he got in the area, the fish turned & then those years of experience that let him get that big kicked in as he turned back onto his northerly route. I was jumping up & down & screaming like a little kid for another 30 minutes!!

3. Plan your fish, fish your plan. When I got back to where I wanted to start from, we got into fish. Left the area to chase big boys in the surf & hear a rumour that someone hooked into a 50" fish.

4. Whatever you call that sharpening tool you gave me Juro, it's priceless - sharpened every fly I tied on in about 5 seconds to needle sharp.

5. Small schoolies sometimes haven't earned their stripes yet.:hehe:

Fun day, see you out there.

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