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Anchovy/Silverside (Swap Fly Entry)

Here's my swap fly entry. It is intended to duplicate the small baitfish (anchovies?) that seemed to be the primary forage during the two major blitzes that I witnessed last year in Rhode Island.

Here's the recipe with the materials listed in the order in which they were tied.

Hook: Mustad 34007 Size 2
Thread: Fine clear mono
Tail/Body: Pearl Bill's Body Braid tied with tag end extending 1/4" past hook bend to form the tail.
Throat: White Marabou clipped to about 1/4"
Lower Wing: 8 strands of brown Super Hair, doubled back, tied parallel to shank, 2x hook length.
Belly: Sparse tan bucktail 1.5x hook length. Spread around throat and try not to flare the bucktail.
Flash: 2 strands of Rootbeer Krystal Flash, doubled back, tied to lay flat along top of lower wing, 1/4" longer than lower wing.
Upper Wing: Sparse brown bucktail (actually more of an orange-brown) 2.5x hook length, not too flared.
Head/Eyes: Self-stick eyes with epoxy covering the head and eyes. I used a black marker to darken the top edges of the eyes and the exposed part of the backs of the eyes (adhesive side) before applying the epoxy.
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