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I had a very similar day. Did I say similar? I meant dissimilar, or anti-similar, or.......

I turned the soil in my wife's garden with a pitch fork(must have dragged a good 100 yds. of a complex root system from just below the surface of the dirt), raked the acorns and various twigs from the front yard, mowed the lawn, changed some diapers....that would be the anti-fish stink on my get the point.

On the plus side, I took my soon to be 2 year old son to look at massive wooden swing sets. I got a nice black and blue on my right calf from a wiffle ball bat that I was teaching him to hit with. Once he got the hang of hitting a wiffle ball off of a road cone I took said wiffle ball right in the groin. Both injuries were swiftly attended to by the cutest little kid, arms outstretched, telling me, "make you happy again, Dada."

I wouldn't have traded any of it for all the fish in sea.

But I'm glad my Bro' had a nice day, none-the-less.
~Mark Doogue
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