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vises-Smcdermott how do you like that Renzetti Traveler?


I'm thinking about getting a vise, and I am considering the two you liked: the Renzetti Traveler($159) and the Dyna-King Kingfisher($99). I was prepared to really like the Renzetti, but I can't say that I did. I hate the fact that when you try to rotate the vice handle when you have it locked, the handle and all the adjustment knobs come unscrewed: what kind of system is that? I also thought the handle for the cam jaws was awkward to operate. Even with those problems, I'm still considering it.

I really liked the solid feel of the Kingfisher clamp mechanism--it reeks of fine craftsmanship--and it can rotate smoothly through 360 degrees though it is not a true rotary. However, a review knocked the hook grooves machined in the jaws as being a pain to use, and I don't like the fact that you can't unscrew the vise from the base for traveling.

I am also thinking about going budget with a 39$ Thompson. It seemed fine to me.

I would also welcome advice on all the accesories for fly tying I am considering:

hackle pliers
whip finisher
hair stacker
hackle gauge

and what basic materials to get for tying trout dry flies, and a good beginner's book.

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