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RE:Pacific Steelhead - The Last Hurrah?

I was hopeful that you and Tyler would strike gold up north. I too had heard the rumors and thought, well, maybe they are just late. I really hope so and I second your sentiment on spawning. I guess we will know in 2-3 years. Might be time to start saving for that bonefish trip I always wanted. Bones in 2003, here I come.

For what its worth, the Sky has been no better. Stole out twice this week before work (ok, ok, yeah, so I went in a couple hours late) and not even a bump to show for it. I even tried enticing them with the venerable Bunny Rat but no takers. Will give it one last shot on Sunday but hope is fading.

Heres hoping for some summer runs!
(but for all the good they did me, I should change my nick to Floater)
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