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Hal.... I have no Web site but if you see Poplovics book, he does go thought ir... I advise you to start on a streamer by putting a thin coat at first while you rotate the fly. Rotating is the major key to an even all around look. The epoxy will naturally set evenly 360 degrees. A thin coating will not drip that much and will fill in the fibers. It will have that rough look, not smooth. that's ok... do another coating and rotate the fly on your vice, as long as you have the rotary.. I use 5 minute epoxy which may yellow after a while, but that will not matter to the fish. let each coat dry... then do another coat or as many as you think you will need to get the size body you want... The first coat is important because that will be the shape of the fly.. I will sometimes but my first coat on ,very thin and no drip, I will then grab the back of the material and hold it in the place I want it to set. .. so if I want the shank to show, if I put mylar around it ,I will hold the hairs up slightly... like the shrimp patterns.. after it sets you can do your final smooth applications... Practically speaking most flys will not use more that three coatings... after ,say your second coat... draw in your red gill if you want... the next coat will lock it in. practice.. Finally, use your bodkin to mix and apply the epoxy.
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