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Doc... I tie them this way. Set up the clouser hook. With the hook pointing down .I will add the flash first..usually just pearl flashabou to represent the silver strip down the midddle of the sand eel. I will then place the white (Unique or super hair over the flash. the hair and flash is secured like the usual clouser over the middle bar of the barbells , secured both in front and in back of the eyes. Be sure to take the white hair before it is placed on the hook, hold on to the end and slowly "pull" several strands out a little ways... The purpose is to have a natural point at the back or end of the fly... you can always cut with sissors but this is better. You would do this with the other material. Now... reverse the hook and plce your lighter colors first with the darker ones at the top. Be sure to only tie it in in FRONT of the eye (closest to the eye of the hook) and hold it so it will not roll .Juro will put some angel hair in between.. I don't. For example, I will mix my colors.. for the usual fly I will put 5 or 6 (or 10)strands of yellow, then chartruese, then forest geen, then olive.... That would be it. Sometimes I will put a topping of black. The shades of the fly will look light to dark from bottom to top. The flash should be prominent as it is on the actual eel and will appear in the middle of the fly... Remember.. thin profile .if you add too large a bunch of hair as you build you will get a short fat eel. Do them in defferent length.. For "baby" eels ,only 3 to 4 inches, make them even sparser,even 3 or 4 strands will do it. Finally ,I now put in only 2 or 3 strands of purple or violet as the firsr layer on the inverted hook..before the yellow. Hope this helps.
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