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Clouser's famous fly is called the deep minnow, although people just call it a 'clouser'. If I were him, I would hate that because it kind of nullifies all the other patterns I developed.

Anyway, this fly is called the "deep eel" in respect to Mr.Clouser because it uses the barbell eyes like the deep minnow. I had the same reaction when I got two from an acquaintance. But over time I see a huge difference, personally.

The way I tie them is quite different. If you omit the eyes from each they would have little or nothing in common. One is 2-3 times the length of the other, one uses bucktail the other none, one's thread wraps over the body the other doesn't. There is a synthetic tapering technique I developed that is used for one but is irrelevant for the other. It's kinda hard to describe so I won't bother.

They must be different. If I went to a fly shop and saw both patterns for sale, I would buy what I could afford of one pattern but zero of the other, but thats just me.

I would recommend just tying them anyway you feel comfortable, it's really where you put the fly that makes all the difference anyway.

The fish can't tell the difference!
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