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Well I have never been Striper fishing. A few of my buddies use to go when I went to school in Maine but I never made it, (smelt fishing is a different story) I think they were surf casting for the stripers. Sounds fun.
Trout Clave in the Green Mtns? Sounds good to me! There are lots of great places to go, it would just take some organization. I'm most familiar with the northern streams which are generally on/off as far as fishing goes, some days are great others are slow. The timing would have to be just right. However I will be working this summer in southern Vermont. I'm living on top of Stratton Mountain doing research and I will pretty much have the weekends off.
Hey that brings up a question for you guys. I know what a Clave is, but where did the term originate?

Foilage makes for necessary roll casting expertise. I have also taught myself to cast with my off hand in an attempt to get around large leafed objects without wading across water. It ain't pretty but it seems to work alright. One advantage to small streams, you don't have to make those long roll casts, shoot sometimes you don't even need to cast! I love it!

I'll keep you posted. Hopefully many more adventures to come!

Howdy neighbor! Shoot i'll be close to you this summer. You ever get up north to fish the head waters of the Connecticut? I hear that is some amazing trout fishing but i've never made it over. Trout are definately my favorite fish, Brookies at the top. Last summer a friend got me into top water bass fishing tho. We worked for the state F&W dept. as campcouncelor/ hunter firearms saftey/ fishing instructors. The lake at camp has a great smallmouth population. I never flycasted for them but should have. I caught 3 smallies over 4lbs over the course of the summer. One of those on an ultralight spinning outfit which made things exciting to say the least!

Thanks to all for the kind responses!


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