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Welcome Noel.

I for one am fairly new to these pages as well. I got interested through my sons. If you have a chance, try going on one of the Claves. You will find a great group of people who love to fish. We tried to set up a clave here in New York in the spring last year and we had five people who attened. It was held at Beaverkill near the West Fork of the Delaware river. I attended my first saltwater Clave last summer. My boys and I met the group on Washburn Island out on the Cape. We camped there for the weekend and fished the rip off Martha's Vineyard. We were going after Boneto which we caught one. I got a few Blues and some Fluke. A great time was had by all. Come to think of it, Last year was full of firsts in fishing for me; My first Stripper (32") at the rip off Monomoy Point, Cape Cod; my first Blue; My first Clave sponsored by; and this one kinda says I'm getting old, The old man was the guest of his sons. As for fishing in Vermont, I'd like to do that. Anybody out there of the same mind. Maybe a Trout Clave in the Green Mountains. What we need is someone who knows the great spots.

May they rise and strike; chills of excitement remembered forevermore.
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