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Newbie Here

Greetings from a F.F. Newbie! After a failed attempt some years ago, I've decided to revisit Fly Fishing. I studied evrything that I could get my hands on regarding the "art" over the winter and attended the Wilmigton, MA show. I was fascinated and entertained with Lefty Kreh's demo at the casting pool! It was there that I registered for the Sage casting clinic through Blue Northern. I took the clinic this past Sunday and was suprised by how much I was able to pick up in a short time. I own property in the Mid-Coast area of Maine and have acess to superb Trout and Smallmouth fisheries as well as Saltwater. I've decide to start with a trout rig and purchased an 8'6" #6 wt outfit. I've made 2 excursions out to a local warm water pond to practice my newly learned skills after dinner. My biggest hurtle at this time seems to be getting rid of a "tailing loop". My leader is full of knots in a short time. Any helpful advise would be apprceiated.

BTW, While at the Wilmington show, I purchased a subscription to Flyfishing New England published in New Hampshire. After many weeks (months) of disapointment at my mailbox, I was bale to reach someone today by phone. I was told that their Publication Schedule was off and that I'd begin to receive the magazine with the Summer Issue at the end of this month. I felt satisfied with their offer of an additional issued added to my subscription at the end of my call. Has anyone any insight to offer regarding this magazine?

Regards and Tight Lines, Steve
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