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The Flash Tail Clouser is a West Coast evolution of the Clouer. It is a Sacramento Delta striper fly and Dan Blanton is the ring leader of that fishery. Check his web site for more details(
What makes this fly different is that it is very heavily dressed. This is because the water in the Delta is a mud puddle by eastern standards, and you really need to hit the fish on the head to get a look.
Another interesting addition is the use of the Eagle Claw 413 jig hook. Apparently the assures that the fly will ride hook point up regardless of materials used(to a point I assume) and the weight of the eyes.
And then there is the "Flash Tail". The Flashabou, which looks like half a hank is used, extends an inch or more past the other materials. This fly is a swimming disco, and Stripers aparently love to dance.
I have seen this fly tied in lavender/white(shad), chartuse/white, black, white, and grey/white. Heavily dressed and flashy,it is quite an affront to east coast and trout fly traditions. I know that Dan fishes every where, and I'm sure he killed 'em in Chatham with this fly.
Now, I usually tie my flys with the flash extending past the body of the fly(albeit, in a much sparser fahion). I can always cut it back.
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