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OK, the brook way WAY to high for the fish to be eating, but I figured I would try and get a few nymphs in the slow pockets around the bridge to see if I could find any hungry fish taking cover...

Not a bite, but I DID lose three of my favorite flies trying (got caught in the heavy brush on the other side. Water was to fast to cross to retreive them.)

Learned my lesson and moved on.

Drove out to 123 and remembered a trout pond I saw in my atlas was down there... Pulled over and read the map. Saw there actually were two near by, but time was running short, so I figured I would get to the first body of water I saw and see what was biting. Found a little bog that was nice and clear water. Peepers making all sorts of noise and plenty of bug action. Pulled out the Griffiths Gnatt to see if there were any takers.

Nothing, not even a rise. So, since I went out for dinner tonight (usually catch and release, but MAN was I craving trout) I figured I would move on to the fly fishing only pond in the atlas.


Beautiful water. Crystal clear and the trees around the water made for NO WIND. Sandy bottom with a lot of boulders around. If I would have had a canoe, it would have been idea, but alas, it was a last minute trip so all I had was my waders.

Waded beyond the entrance and over to a conclave of rocks. Before I went around a really large one, I figured I would give it a cast or two... Tied on a Yellow Hornberg, my last one as I only brought two (new pattern I was trying out and didn't want to take up too much fly box real estate on an unproven pattern) and it was one of the flys I lost back in Otter Brook.

First cast, goes taught on my first retreival, 'oh great, got it stuck IN the rocks'..... nope, that ROCK was a big old Brookie... YAHOO!, dinner tonight...

Put up a hell of a fight, let the line go in and out as I could, then I saw my end loop knot slide right up against my line... Didn't think much of it. I kept the fight up and got him right under my feet, still splashin' and swimmin'. As I reach back for my landing net, he takes another run to shelter, almost lost my balance and in the excitement I just grabbed the line... **SNAP** There goes that loop knot, and the fish.

Poor fish, that hook was set good and now he has a whole leader/tippet trailing behind him. Can't do much for him at this point...

Not another bite all night as I had nothing yellow in the box, let alone the same pattern.

At least I found a nice spot close to home (45 min ride) and now I KNOW there are good trout in there.

For dinner - a bowl of cookies and cream icecream... it's not trout, but it was sweet...
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