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Hal, first I'm going to ask you to sit down before I tell you..

how much per hook.

Only in my wet-dreams do we get steelhead that size.

But Mr. Salmon .... ah yes. Take a look at the TMC 600SP hooks. they're a "super point (aka chisle), round, straight eye 3x heavy, 3x wide, 2x short forged black nickle." I use the 1/0's for the salmon; but these are the biggest, strongest ..... most expensive .... freash water hooks I've ever seen ... and cost about 90 cents each! But they will hook and hold a Mac Truck. And sink like a rock without extra weighting. I run these behind 250, 300 and 400 grain RIO heads for the salmon.

Not sure how widely they're destributed but I got mine from Mark B's shop in Welches, OR. Price was $25.00 for 29 hooks. Thank God they pay the shipping. :eyecrazy:
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