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Help - Skammania Hook Recommendations

Need the toughest strongest hook available for Skammania summer run fishing. Will be using streamers, speys, and matuka type leech patterns.

These are 15 - 25 lb fish and the meanest and strongest we have in the great lakes, some call them the great lakes tarpon.

I don't think the TMC 7999 hooks are strong enough. will be using size 1/0 and 2/0 with 10 -12 test leaders.

What recommendations are there ? What are the PNW guys using for their big winter wild fish?

I am tying now on saltwater hooks Mustad 34007, what other salt water hooks would you recommend such as those used for stripers in these sizes. My fly shop seems to have a good selection of salt water hooks.

These fish would be comparable to those, however our water temps are in the 50-60 degrees range so these things are super charged beasts out here, and jumping machines.

Thanks in advance for any comments.

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