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"ST69" Beg, beg, Grovel, grovel, wimper ...

God I'd love some for the spring kings. Can you do a few for me in red, black and ...... (sorry guys) pink. Love them in a size 1 or 1/0 hook.

Spey Clave is out for me this year as I've got to be a teacher at a Rogue Comm. col. class. Too many other teachers have bailed so I'm stuck. Damn and Double Damn

With just short of 40 students signed up for the class no way I can bail. Back to the D and double D.

ps: Couple more and I've got the 'summer swap' "Original Otis Bugs' ready for you. Done them up without weighting same; don't know who/where they'll be fished so if someone needs to sink them better they can use a sink tip, spin on lead, or split shot.
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