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Thumbs up Hey Juro!!!

Hey, thanks for the offer. But this wasn't intended at all to put a burden on you at all. This is a baby I've been messing with for a couple years now. Wouldn't need any bandwith or your attention except any input you wish to add to any posts that may be put on here. I'm planning on building my own site eventually, mostly after my business is up and running. A custom lure site (I build alot of spinners, jigs, and driftlures besides the flies I tie). Been doing pretty good selling them on the side. Figured I'd get the writeoff, especially when I get my new house with my OWN DEN!!!!

But no, you don't have to worry about it. It'll be more of a slight use maybe in the inflatables section. But I'll do all the dirty work on my email account (which, I do have an email account set up a good two years ago already. It's ) I know what it's like to have too many responsibilities, don't want you to be spread any thinner then you already are. Yeah, this is more of a "west coast" thing, but I guess eventually if we get enough interest on both ends of the country, may be able to merge into one big organization, then a subdivision depending on territories.
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