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I think it has a lot of potential, in fact another nice part of it would be to let each other try the models other people have! I always wanted to check out the various ones before I bought the buck's bag bronco. I am happy with my choice but since moving to the east it's looking for a good home.

Also, there are certain aspects about inflatables on the east coast saltwater scene that are unique as well, that would be another group though (verses whitewater).

Like most common interest groups it needs someone to keep it inspired - if you want the role I'll do everything I can to support it with databases and web resources.

One caveat - until we get a larger workforce behind such projects I can't make too many promises about investment of time, etc. I have historically bitten off way more than I can chew and need to be more realistic about commitments - particulary for the next several months! I start my shore guiding season later on this month and my dot-com dayjob isn't getting any lighter of a load.

Good idea though, we just need to figure out a way to run it.
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