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Thumbs up hey fred.....

Want me to send you some? I mean the ones I tie up? Would be no problem, and can tie them weighted or unweighted for you. Then you can get an idea of what they look like.

But what I do, is I buy the Zonker cut rabbit. Not the actual leech cut. The zonker is cut with the flow of hair to lay back, and the leech is cut across the flow of hair for easier palmering. I use zonker since it creates more of a breathability profile in the water. It usually will matt down to an extent in the water. I normally tie in a size4 or 2 octopus hook on either dacron or some sort of superline and then weave it onto the main fly hook (a size 1 or 1/0 and for kings up to 3/0). I have the trailer hook about 2 inches behind main hooks bend. Then, i will put a few turns of .030 lead around main fly hook to help weigh her down a bit. Then I lead the tail so that the trailer hook is barely covered by the tail. I will either have hook drive into the rear tail and tie in with a couple half hitches or just leave free without tie downs in the tail. Then, where the strip hits bend of hook, I tie down the rear section and palmer forward up to the eye of hook. Make your head and cement her down. I stopped using barbell eyes for weight, because I wanted more of a natural drift, and not the "jig" float the weight forward caused.

Let me know if you want me to send you a couple.


If I can make it to the spey clave, will show you first hand.
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