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Question Inflatable Boat Club

I thought I'd throw this out to the masses here. Seems like when I do this on a conventional site, you get too many who pan the idea.

To start out, I used to belong to a small whitewater club (have been tempted to join NWRA, but mostly oregonions). We disbanded quite a few years ago. But we were strictly whitewatering, with the occasional fishing thrown in if we floated a river that held good runs. What I'm suggesting is an inflatables fishing club. Originally it was going to be a "cataraft" club, since most whitewater clubs focus more on kayaks and rafts. But there's such a wide diversion between pontoon boats, catarafts, watermasters, inflatable kayaks, and rafts that could draw more of a crowd opening it up to all who have inflatables. As of right now, this is strictly a "FREE" club. No dues to sign up. What is would consist of is a sign up sheet that basically would have name/address, personal info, rivers you float. I'd set up a newsletter type format, then set up my own database here. We could set up group floats, trade a trips, open seats, etc. Thought it would be a fun thing to do, and most inflatables can float summer flow rivers while the DB's are stuck in the driveways.

What do you all think? I've bounced this around a few times, only a couple guys interested. As I said, no fees, I'd store all info on my harddrive. So, if anyone is interested, shoot me any ideas you may have that you'd like in a club. I figured, that if I had enough interest, we could even start up a list of who would even want like a club jacket (I have a few embroiderists on my routes that will do them fairly inexpensively). Won't be monthly meetings and such. Will plan group floats, trade a trips, etc.

So, who's game????
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