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I totally missed this post

Yes, most have adaptors for boats to put a kicker on. They also have a cool little float that you put your battery in so you don't weigh down your boat with a battery. It depends on what type of motor you want to put on it?

Steelie is right. Most states say if you put ANY sort of motor on the boat, you have to license it. Was thinking of putting a small kicker on my 16' cat, but not going to pay a license on my cat as well, then have to put vessel #'s on it as well. Forget that.

I'll warn you. If by chance you want to "go for the gusto" and really put a big motor on it (say a 5-10 horse gas kicker or a HEAVY thrust electric) to watch out. These boats aren't meant to push water. Go heavy enough thrustwise and your boat with cavitate. Did some experiments years ago and found out first hand. Put my 9.9 on my 16' for tooling around lakes. Man, open that baby up and the boat fealt like I was driving on rocks. You really have to have everything centered just right and balanced perfect if you want some power behind you. If you just want a small added assist to your boat, then you'll be ok.
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