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Yes 700 something messages, plugged in the lap top and thought there was only a 100, then saw they were older emails, did the replicate to the server, and it just keep updating with another 600+ messages, which I had to sort through. Just about done I think.

That PM story by Schwiebert is one of my favorite since I was fishing the same water he was in the 1980s and walking in his steps as he chased the steelie into The Ledge hole at the bottom of the Deer Lick riffles. Been there many times before chasing king salmon and steelhead. This is really sweet steelhead water. Wonderful fly fishing water. I caught my first steelhead there in 1981 on a fly so it has really special meaning to me. Just a beautiful area. However it tends to get crowded, so I began to fish more upstream where there was more solitude and almost as good water. Thank god the water was a little down last week because that wade across the Deer Lick even in the lower water last week is not easy. When it is higher, it is a risk to go for it, especially when also trying to fight a steelhead. One wrong step and you will be taking a very cold bath.

PM is a National Scenic River since the 1970s and had the fly fishing only section since 1977. Believe me, it is being preserved I have seen no major negative developments on the river since i started fishing it in 1980. Only change has been the dam drift boats which came in the late 1980s. Prior to that I could go all day with out seeing maybe one other angler in the upper sections.

Oh those were the days of my great PM fishing memories.

They did the spring PM river clean up the weekend before I arrived and I don't think I saw one piece of trash any where on the river !

"Respect the River" is the new conservation saying posted at all access points.

Hope my pictures come out OK will post the good ones up here.

No Hal and No fish though in them.
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