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Others may disagree, but here's my opinion.

You really do get what you pay for. The $10 ones are OK, they scratch easily, break easily, and have no warantee at all. Some have found $50 dollar glasses that are really nice, but there is something about really nice ones ($100 and up ballpark) that make my eyes relax. The optics are perfect allowing for true vision. The lenses have better scratch resistance and the frames are sturdier.

Taking all that...I wear Costa Del Mar's Euro Frames with green polarized lenses. Glass. I love them. They are amazing on the flats of Cape Cod as well as most inshore fishing situations. The glass is heavier (and reportedly more dangerous) than the poly carbonate, but I can take them and throw them in a backpack without any cover and still sleep at night. I can also wipe the salt crystals off with my T shirt and have nothing to show for it. As far as danger is concerned, I always cast with the wind to off my left side, even if I have to cast backwards. Takes care of that problem.

One last thing, the warantee on top quality glasses (Action Optics, Costa, Oakley, etc) is amazing in my experience. They usually replace or fix for free or sometimes a small fee.

If you lose glasses all the time, go with the cheap ones. If you know they'll be around, I'd say go for some nice ones. Try them out, you'll be amazed at the difference.
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